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About Us

The Paramount Group is a second-generation family enterprise with highly diversified business that spans across retail, construction, shipping and agriculture, among many other industries. Together they employ well over 200 people worldwide and, for decades has been a partner to leading global companies and brands.

Being a family business, it’s no surprise that we think of our business as a legacy, to be handed down to future generations of stakeholders. In practice, our business is guided by a core set of principles – Competency, Confidence, Consistency, and Character. These principles underscore everything we do – the decisions we make and the way we operate our business.

By stakeholders we mean everyone who contributes to the business success: the family owners, the people who work for us, the communities we operate and trade in, our suppliers and our customers.


Kent Rankin grew from very humble beginnings into one of the most successful Caymanian businessmen who lived out his days on over 60+ acres of farmland until his passing in 2016. He began his career by working as an assistant for a sole proprietor and quickly determined that it would be far more empowering to work for himself. He resisted the lure of Cayman’s financial and tourism industries and launched his company in 1967, selling carpet and vinyl as the sole employee. Utilising his tried and true philosophies of hard work, product differentiation, conservative spending and innovative thinking, his company has evolved into one of the leading carpet and tile sales and service companies in the Cayman Islands. His company has quite notably been honoured with various local and international awards for exceptional sales and service.

A true visionary, Mr. Rankin has skillfully remained one of the most successful businessmen in the history of the Cayman Islands. A decorated national honour, he was awarded the Medal of Honour in the Order of the Cayman Islands at the grade of Commander (CMH) in January 2012. As the years passed Mr. Rankin always remained involved with daily operations; giving input and guidance to his large team of capable managers. He maintained that the key to efficient management of multiple businesses is attaining and retaining outstanding team members who understand and can execute his vision. With capable staff, he was free to simply provide strategic direction while retain mobility within the group of companies.

317 Industrial Park,
North Sound Road,
P.O. Box 10236 KY1-1002,
Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands.